How to travel around the world?

Travelling opens your eyes to some of the real problems people face, and gives you the opportunity to come up with solutions to tackle those, rather than some of the more trivial ideas closer to home. You can't fail to come away from travelling inspired with a fresh perspective and new ideas.

5 Jaw-dropping scenery parks

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4 Good reasons to choose Tahiti

Tahiti is the beating heart of French Polynesia.
It features a wide range of the archipelago's production from local fish to rich selection of handicrafts. The city offers many diversions and some of the great hotels, organize magnificent traditional dance shows that should not be missed.
Tahiti iti, the penisula, holds some of the most beautiful hiking trails in Polynesia.


Be posh or penny-wise. Hit the high – end boutiques, browse funky fashion outlets or spend hours in colorful bookstores.



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