Explore The Truly Tropical Life In Malaysia

Malaysian Forest Adventure
Malaysia is an amazing country with abundant biodiversity. 75% of Malaysia’s land area remains forested, with 60% of virgin rainforest, unchanged for millions of years.
Taman Negara:
If you are looking for an adventurous holiday, then include Taman Negara on your list! The 130 million year old virgin rain forest and its amazing wildlife are sure to captivate you.
Taman Negara, the most popular ecotourism destination in Malaysia, offers a host of activities for everyone – from wild life viewing, jungle trekking, hiking, rock climbing to fishing, camping and many more.
Known as the world’s oldest tropical rainforest, the park was developed as an ecotourism destination. It houses a number of rare mammals such as the great Argus, Malaysian Gaur, Red Jungle Fowl, Malayan Tiger, crab eating macaque.
The forest is deal for those looking for a back to nature experience. It is truly a place that spells peace and tranquillity. You won’t be disappointed!
Jungle Trekking: 
Exploring the jungle on your own can be overwhelming. A guide is recommended to be taken on long trekking journeys to familiarise you with plants, species of fungi, rattan and liana trees among others.
Climbing Bukit Teresek:
Trekking to Bukit Teresek is one of the highlights at Taman Negara National Park. Bukit Teresek is one of the best bird watching areas in the park. Gunung Tahan the highest peak in Peninsular Malaysia is visible from here on clear days. 

Canopy Walk
Canopy Walk:
At 530 m, Taman Negara has the longest Malaysian suspension bridge in the world. Walking across the canopy at a height of 25 m – 40 m above the ground with a view of the rich and diverse flora and fauna is a fascinating experience.
Fishing and Swimming:
The national Park is also a favoured spot of anglers. There are allegedly more than 200 species of fish in Taman Negara. Fresh water fishing is best done in the drier months of February to April and June to August. At Lata Berkosh & Waterfall Cascades one can swim in the clear and cool waters. At Kelah Fish Sanctuary one can feed fishes and at Sungai Tahan at Lata Berkosh and Sungai Keniam at Kuala Kenian Kecil one can enjoy fishing.
Night Safaris:
Observe some of the best wildlife at Tahan Wildlife Observation Hide, view nocturnal plants and animals in a guided night safari trek or on 4WD safaris.
Shooting the Rapids:
Taman Negara provides good opportunities for water rafting, for those keen on adventure – experience the thrills of negotiating Sungei Tembelings rapids.
Tahan Mountain:
Located in Taman Negara, Gunung Tahan is the highest mountain in west Malaysia. It takes 4 trekking days and you need to climb 27 peaks and cross 7 rivers to reach the Gulmarg. The best time to climb this mountain is during the dry time to climb this mountain is during the dry season from March to September. It’s closed from mid of November to January due to the monsoon season.  
Cave Exploration:
For the more adventurous ones, there are  a number of outcrops of limestone that also contain caves which are excellent for exploring, Visitors can expect to crawl in the dark, and get wet as they squeeze through underground river. Popular caves include Gua Telinga abd Gua Duan Menari.  Gua Telinga which has a rock formation like a human car gives you a totally unforgettable life experience. 


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